During the winter of 2015/2016 Salomon will release a new range of products dedicated to ski touring called MTN.
Salomon hence endeavours to enter a new segment of the market, always offering more « freedom of movement » to its consumers

Ski Salomonn MTN Lab
Ski Salomon MTN Lab


But having such a wide range of product and suggesting through marketing that people should ski off-piste comes with a price: Mountains are dangerous, brands only offer what they consider as the best gear to enjoy them. The responsibility comes down to the consumers to actually get the proper training to use such gear and stay safe.

In 2015, Salomon had several goals around that new range of products: preparing 2016 by seeding the MTN name in France while generating some UGC and creating a solid ground around another project : « Salomon Mountain Academy ».

Hence we anchored a new website to the « Salomon Galaxy » with Digital Lift : MTN Academy

Using the skiing webserie « Bon Appetit », we asked our community to create a 1 minute video clip to show and explain why they want an advanced training to nivology, avalanche risks, avalanche search.

The four best videos are winning a three days trip with the Bon Appetit Team.

Development included:

  • Reponsive website (twitter bootstrap framework)
  • oEmbed to generate video playlists, thumbnails and video page
  • Facebook connect and social plugins to provide comments and sharing options
  • a full backoffice for video curation

MTN Academy - Sample Video MTN Academy - Home MTN Academy - Participer

Salomon is therefore ticking several boxes one year ahead: seeding the MTN word, creating a website on a subdomain for SEO purposes, and creating great content Salomon can re-use and re-share everywhere.